"Hard Times bursts with vitality...the choreography, by Joe Barros, morphs Irish step-dancing into something close to tap...by the end of the evening, the audience is up, cheering and stamping. "  -NEW YORK TIMES



"Choreographer Joe Barros delivers robust dancing based on Irish and African-American traditions."(Hard Times/The Cell) -BACKSTAGE

"Director Joe Barros made clever use of the space...with his strong, focused, directorial hand." (Shoes & Baggage/The Cell) -NY THEATRE GUIDE

“With a spirited cast under the swift comical guidance of director/choreographer Joe Barros, this musical has everything the bland bore at the Foxwoods lacks." (The Legend of Julie Taymor, Fringe NY)


"Silkily directed by Joe Barros." (Shoes & Baggage/The Cell)

“Under the skillful direction of Joe Barros, the Charlotte’s Web company found the right combination of telling the story truthfully and keeping their young audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.”

“…an overall feisty production…A particular highlight is “Tweet, Tweet, Tweet,” that finds audience members of the first Broadway preview [Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark] live blogging their disgust at all the stoppages.” 


"The show is expertly crafted and directed by Joe Barros." (Shoes & Baggage/The Cell)

“A fast number about theater geeks obsessively tweeting is the highlight.  Fortunately, director-choreographer Joe Barros keeps the able cast moving at an accelerated rate.” (The Legend of Julie Taymor, Fringe NY) -BACKSTAGE

"The comically choreographed numbers use the space well, especially with the full ensemble ("The Orgy" is a standout)." (Reefer Madness/Gallery)